Here are some great informational videos.
We are not the original authors of these videos. They are produced by a tattoo studio in Spain, but the information still applies to most US shops and studios as well. Enjoy! 

Frequently Asked  Questions

What is your shop minimum and hourly rate?
Our shop minimum is $60, and the shop hourly rate is $150/hr.

I’m a minor. Will I be able to get tattooed or pierced?
We will tattoo and pierce minors according to Florida state laws. For a tattoo, you must be ages 16 or 17. The state of Florida does not currently have an age requirement for piercing minors, but Custom Concepts reserves the right to pierce minors on a case-by-case basis. You must also print out the “Notarized Consent form for Tattooing of a Minor” from the Florida Department of Health’s website found here: tattoo minor consent form.
For piercings you will need a similar, but different form found here: piercing minor consent form.
Your legal parent or guardian will need to get the correct form notarized and accompany you to the shop. Both you and the parent or guardian who signed the notarized consent form must present government-issued identification that has your photo and your date of birth (DMV ID’s and Passports). We need both ID’s in the physical form to be brought to our shop, NO EXCEPTIONS.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash and major credit cards. No checks please.

Do I need to make an appointment?
For larger scale tattoos it is best, and sometimes necessary to make a consultation first, and from there the actual tattoo appointment(s) can be scheduled. For smaller tattoos, we will gladly take them on a walk-in basis; however, it is always best to call ahead and check on the availability for that day.

Do I need to leave a deposit to set an appointment?
Yes. We take a deposit to set and hold a tattoo appointment, or before any design work is done. Deposits start at a minimum of $80 (sometimes more for very large or intricate pieces) and are made after consulting in person at the shop.  If you are coming from out of town, please contact us at to make arrangements.  

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable, but will be deducted from your total when your  tattoo is completed. If you need to reschedule an appointment, please give us at least 24 hours of notice. Please DO NOT make deposits without confirming a time and date with an artist or the front desk first.

I left a deposit and set an appointment, when will I see my design?
When it comes to custom artwork, please know that we do not send out any designs electronically ahead of time, and will not make any exceptions. During the initial consultation we gather the pertinent information for your piece and create it based off of your wishes combined with our creativity. For the final design it is best to meet and discuss the last details in person. We have found this way works best to avoid any confusion that might occur via other forms of correspondence, giving a better tattoo experience for both artist and client. This final review will be done between you and your artist the day of your tattoo appointment. Please know that unless the core design is completely changed, your appointment allows time for any minor changes you would like to make.

Depending on the nature of the tattoo you will be receiving, some designs work best if they are drawn on during the tattoo appointment. This method is best for certain styles of work, some cover-ups, or at times continuation of certain tattoos. This approach is done to ensure that the final design fits properly with whatever else may be existing near the new tattoo area, to properly cover a tattoo, or to go with the flow of the body and look natural. This is not always the approach that is taken, unless the piece calls for it. If this will be the best route to take for your design, your artist will discuss this with you during your consultation and answer any questions you may have. Please know that although it will be drawn on, you will still be able to view the design and share your input before finalization

I would like to book an appointment with Chris Purdy. What do I need to do?
Chris tattoos on an appointment-only basis and does all his own booking. You can reach him via the following platforms:
Instagram: @PurdyTattoos